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Cameron, Woodroffe 2019

Long Way Down

Long way down was by no means a horrifically bad book. However, I most certainly didn't enjoy it. This is because it simply bored me with it's plain, simple writing style. In fact, I was so bored I never got past page 11. Perhaps if I had continued, I might have found some kind of interest in the book but, that was never going to happen because the book had no hook whatsoever. Furthermore, in the short 9 pages I actually read (I read 9 pages which took me to page 11 - I'mm not just confusing myself with different page numbers] I already found an incredibly stupid page which included a colossal three words. Not only is this an incredibly huge waste of paper and bane to the environment, but it's also a terrible technique. It added nothing to the book other than fuel to my boredom. I wouldn't recommend it [I guess this is becoming a recurring trend in my group at this point] to anyone other than somebody looking for an easy read.

Posted on: 14th June 2019 at 09:43 am

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