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Charlotte, St Augustines Catholic College

Bone Talk

Bone Talk by Candy Gourlay is a novel based on traditional Filipino tribes. It follows the life of a young boy entering “manhood”; there are numerous issues and complications along the way. Due to the fact it is based on real events, I found the novel to be incredibly moving and evocative throughout. Not only this, the ingenious crafting of the characters makes the plot even richer. The book was thoroughly thought out and the connections to Filipino culture were extremely clear. Additionally, it portrays a historic event from a different perspective, which highlights the impact the American invasion had on the Philippines and their way of life. As Candy Gourlay said in the letter at the end of the book, finding non-American recounts of the event was exceedingly onerous; however, this perspective is newly discovered and is exceptionally refreshing. I would recommend this book to year 7+ as I think a younger reader may not appreciate the elaborate story line. However, in some aspects of the novel, there were too many themes, which I felt, were not emphasised enough; particularly as the blurb implies that the novel is about gender equality and was, I felt, not a prominent theme of the novel.

Posted on: 14th June 2019 at 03:48 pm

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