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rachel, St Augustines Catholic College

A Skinful of Shadows

Although this book was quite complex and did take a while to read, I would say that I enjoyed it. I found the whole concept of the ghosts and spirits rather unsettling but compelling nonetheless! The style in which the author wrote the book was sophisticated and quite intricate but I felt this way of writing matched the complex, dark themes Hardinge was dealing with in the book.

The cover, however, did not reflect the intriguing, creepy story line and I felt that if it had linked with the topics of the book, it would've been much more appealing to the reader beforehand.

Hardinge explored and developed a range of different characters in this book, and I found the Bear especially fascinating. Her vivid, detailed descriptions of the things Makepeace experienced helped make it more believable to the reader. We also feel sympathy towards the Bear and it's interesting to see the relationships of Makepeace and the ghosts in her head progress.

Towards the end of the book, I felt that it became tedious to read and it dragged on slightly: I was confused with the ending. Due to the length and complexity of this book, and darker, unsettling themes, I would recommend this book to older readers. I enjoyed it, nevertheless, and I think it is a strong competitor in the Carnegie shortlist.

Posted on: 14th June 2019 at 07:42 pm

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