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Mya Luna, The Elmgreen School


The book Release is about a boy called Adam Thorn who lives in a small town with his extremely religious family. At times Adam can feel lost and lonely with events happening in his life but he can always retreat to his best friend Angela Darlington who is his loyal companion advising him on problems and sharing situations she has experienced. However the book does not only focus on Adam. The perspective of the book is split into two people. One, the main character Adam Thorn and the other a mysterious figure who seems to feel lost and desperate. It is a spell-binding book that captures you from the first sentence making it almost impossible to stop reading. The story is engaging and allows the reader to truly feel the emotions of the main character and connect with his thoughts. It is definantly one of those books you can laugh and cry over, depending on the scene and it gripped me from the start. I would defiantly recommend this book and hope that it can be read and loved by many.

Posted on: 9th May 2018 at 07:46 pm

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