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Oliwia, St Augustines Catholic College

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

The book Things A Bright Girl Can Do is a historical fiction book by Sally Nicholls. The book is about 3 brave girls, that decide to drop their promising futures and join the suffragettes. They do this to fight for giving women the right to vote. In my opinion, the book was tedious and hard to understand. The beginning didn't hook the reader to read on and the more chapters you read the more monotonous it felt. The writer had endless possibilities on starting the book with a 'BANG!', considering the book was about riots, rallies, and marches, but didn't take the fitting chance in doing so. Even though the book was well written, the language the author used was complicated and confusing and the plot was slow paced and mundane. The character development, on the other hand, was good as the reader began to see different sides of the three main characters.
Overall, I believe that the concept was very good, as it had 3 female main characters and helped me understand how women felt in the 1910's; oppressed, angry and patronized. Nevertheless, it was an interesting concept that wasn't used to its full potential. I personally, do not enjoy historical fictions and this didn't change my opinion.

Posted on: 17th June 2019 at 07:58 pm

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