Have Your Say

Welcome to the Have Your Say section. Here you can give your opinion about shadowing the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals.

Once you have voted there’s a chance to tell us a bit more about what you think. Keep it snappy though (up to 200 characters).

Do you think that reading and discussing the books on the shortlists, in your shadowing group, makes you think more about the books you read?

Does reading about friendships encourage you to think about your friendships?

When you read, do you feel like you escape into an imaginary world?

Do you like to hear more about how writers and illustrators work?

Do you think it’s important for books for teenagers to engage with current issues like Black Lives Matter, Migration and themes of bullying or teenage depression?

Do you find that you talk to your librarian more when you are reading the books on the CILIP Carnegie and Greenaway shortlists?

Do you enjoy feeling part of a group when you shadow the CILIP Carnegie and Greenaway Medals?

Would you recommend shadowing the Carnegie and Kate Medals to other young people?

Have you met new people or made new friends through taking part in shadowing?

Do you think writing reviews of the books on the CKG shortlist helps you to express your opinions about books in a fun way?

Is there anything that you think you will do differently as a result of taking part in CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway shadowing this year?

Each year we make changes to the shadowing website. We would like to know what you think about the website. Please tell us what you think in the box provided.