Nominations for 2020

Also see the CILIP Carnegie Medal nominations

Anderson, Laura Ellen.  I Don’t Want to be Small
Publisher: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 9781408894071

Antony, Steve.  Amazing
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books. ISBN: 9781444944709

Arsenault, Isabelle (Illustrator) de Fombelle, Timothee (Author) Gordon, Sam (Translator).
Captain Rosalie
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406377101

Baker Smith, Grahame (Illustrator) Fraillon, Zana (Author). Wisp: A Story of Hope
Publisher: Orchard Books. ISBN: 9781408350102

Barrett, Angela (Illustrator) Burton, Jessie (Author). The Restless Girls
Publisher: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 9781408886915

Beardshaw, Rosalind (Illustrator) McQuinn, Anna (Author). Lulu’s First Day
Publisher: Alanna Max. ISBN: 9781907825217

Blankenaar, Dale (Illustrator) Durant, Alan (Author). Quill Soup
Publisher: Tiny Owl. ISBN: 9781910328408

Brooksbank, Angela (Illustrator) Atinuke (Author). B is for Baby
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406371086

Browne, Anthony.  Little Frida
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406381221

Cai, Rovina (Illustrator) Ness, Patrick (Author). And the Ocean Was Our Sky
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406383560

Collins, Ross (Illustrator) Newson, Karl (Author). I am a Tiger
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books. ISBN: 9781509855148

Collins, Ross.  This is a Dog
Publisher: Nosy Crow. ISBN: 9781788005159

Davey, Owen.  Fanatical About Frogs
Publisher: Flying Eye Books. ISBN: 9781912497058

de Moraes, Thiago.  Myth Atlas
Publisher: Alison Green Books. ISBN: 9781407178134

de Moraes, Thiago (Illustrator) de Moraes, Ana (Author). The Night Bear
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781783447145

Deacon, Alexis (Illustrator) Sedgwick, Marcus (Author) Sedgwick, Julian (Author).

Voyages in the Underworld of Orpheus Black
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406357929

Egneus, Daniel (Illustrator) Meddour, Wendy (Author). Lubna and Pebble
Publisher: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780192771940

Eland, Eva.  When Sadness Comes to Call
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781783447183

Field, Jim (Illustrator) Rachel Bright (Author). The Way Home For Wolf
Publisher: Orchard Books. ISBN: 9781408349205

Foreman, Michael (Illustrator) Morpurgo, Michael (Author). Poppy Field
Publisher: Scholastic. ISBN: 9781407181424

Gravett, Emily (Illustrator) Harrold, A.F. (Author). The Afterwards
Publisher: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 9781408894316

Haworth-Booth, Emily.  The King Who Banned the Dark
Publisher: Pavilion Children's Books. ISBN: 9781843653974

Hodgson, Jesse (Illustrator) Hofmeyr, Dianne (Author). Tiger Walk
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books. ISBN: 9781910959411

Hood, Morag.  Brenda is a Sheep
Publisher: Two Hoots. ISBN: 9781509842964

Horacek, Petr (Illustrator) Dunbar, Joyce (Author). Grumpy Duck
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406378245

Impey, Martin (Illustrator) Riley, Christopher (Author). Where Once We Stood
Publisher: Harbour Moon Publishing. ISBN: 9781916062504

Khullar, Anshika (Illustrator) Atta, Dean (Author). The Black Flamingo
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books. ISBN: 9781444948585

Kitamura, Satoshi.  Hat Tricks
Publisher: Scallywag Press. ISBN: 9781912650026

Kuo, Fifi.  I Can Fly
Publisher: Boxer Books. ISBN: 9781910716434

Lai, Remy.  Pie in the Sky
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406389616

Leiper, Kate (Illustrator) Breslin, Theresa (Author). An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Castle Legends
Publisher: Floris Books. ISBN: 9781782505952

Lewis, Emma.  Two Kings
Publisher: Tate Publishing. ISBN: 9781849765961

Litchfield, David (Illustrator) Almond, David (Author). War Is Over
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books. ISBN: 9781444946574

McKean, Dave (Illustrator) Almond, David (Author). Joe Quinn's Poltergeist
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406363197

Melville, Elena Arevalo.  Umbrella
Publisher: Scallywag Press. ISBN: 9781912650019

Meserve, Jessica.  What Clara Saw
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books. ISBN: 9781509866595

Mistry, Poonam (Illustrator) Soundar, Chitra (Author). You're Snug With Me
Publisher: Lantana Publishing. ISBN: 9781911373476

Mould, Chris (Illustrator) Hughes, Ted (Author). The Iron Man
Publisher: Faber & Faber. ISBN: 9780571348862

Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris.  The Suitcase
Publisher: Nosy Crow. ISBN: 9781788004473

Nelson, Kadir (Illustrator) Alexander, Kwame (Author). Undefeated
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781783449286

Nomoco (Illustrator) Carter, James (Author). Once Upon A Raindrop
Publisher: Caterpillar Books. ISBN: 9781848577145

Packer, Neil (Illustrator) Frankopan, Peter (Author). The Silk Roads
Publisher: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 9781408889930

Percival, Tom.  The Sea Saw
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Books. ISBN: 9781471172441

Perkin, Jayde.  Mum's Jumper
Publisher: Book Island. ISBN: 9781911496137

Pinfold, Levi (Illustrator) Almond, David (Author). The Dam
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406304879

Preston-Gannon, Frann (Illustrator) Waters, Fiona (compiled by) (Author).
I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree – A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year
Publisher: Nosy Crow in partnership with the National Trust. ISBN: 9780857637703

Radeva, Sabina.  On the Origin of Species
Publisher: Puffin. ISBN: 9780141388502

Ray, Jane (Illustrator) Davies, Nicola (Author). Hummingbird
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406379273

Rayner, Catherine (Illustrator) Donaldson, Julia (Author). The Go-Away Bird
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books. ISBN: 9781509843589

Renon, Delphine (Illustrator) Hottois, Karen (Author). Emmett and Caleb
Publisher: Book Island. ISBN: 9781911496106

Riddell, Chris (Illustrator) Rowling, J.K. (Author). The Tales of Beedle the Bard
Publisher: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 9781408898673

Ross, Tony.  An Anty-War Story
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781783446100

Sanna, Francesca.  Me and my Fear
Publisher: Flying Eye Books. ISBN: 9781911171539

Sarda, Julia (Illustrator) Bailey, Linda (Author). Mary and Frankenstein
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781783447633

Schwarz, Viviane.  How to be on the Moon
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406379921

Sharif, Amin Hassanzadeh (Illustrator) Clayton, Sally Pomme (Author). The Phoenix of Persia
Publisher: Tiny Owl. ISBN: 9781910328439

Shoard, Emma (Illustrator) Peet, Mal (Author). Good Boy
Publisher: Barrington Stoke. ISBN: 9781781128527

Siemensma, Hanneke (Illustrator) Van der Hammen, Gijs (Author) Watkinson, Laura (Translator). Little Wise Wolf
Publisher: Book Island. ISBN: 9781911496120

Smith, Lane (Illustrator) John, Jory (Author). Giraffe Problems
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406383164

Tan, Shaun.  Tales from the Inner City
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406383843

Todd-Stanton, Joe.  A Mouse Called Julian
Publisher: Flying Eye Books. ISBN: 9781912497065

Trukhan, Ekaterina (Illustrator) Deutsch, Georgiana (Author). Perfectly Polite Penguins
Publisher: Little Tiger Press. ISBN: 9781788811279

Voigt, Marie.  Red and the City
Publisher: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780192767745

Waters, Beth.  Child of St Kilda
Publisher: Child's Play. ISBN: 9781786281876

Willmore, Alex (Illustrator) Poskitt, Kjartan (Author). The Runaway Pea
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Books. ISBN: 9781471175251

Wilson-Max, Ken.  Astro Girl
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books. ISBN: 9781910959213

Woolf, Julia.  Duck and Penguin Are Not Friends
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781783447831

Wormell, Chris.  The Magic Place
Publisher: David Fickling Books. ISBN: 9781788450157

Wormell, Chris (Illustrator) Raman, Prinja (Author). Planetarium
Publisher: Big Picture Press. ISBN: 9781787411579

Yankey, Lindsey (Illustrator) Javaherbin, Mina (Author). My Grandma and Me
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406384949

Zommer, Yuval.  The Big Book of Birds
Publisher: Thames & Hudson. ISBN: 9780500651513