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Blackfen School for Girls
Group Leader: Tamsyn Kingsbury-Barker

Group Status: we are reading our way through the shortlist and so far everyone likes Apple and Rain but of course this could change very soon

..We are a group of about 19 students from Year 7-10 and 2 staff who meet on Friday lunchtimes in the school Library. We talk informally and find that our different reading tastes and opinions can lead to some interesting discussions, although not always about the books we\'re reading! We\'re all avid readers so it\'s good to get new ideas and recommendations. when we meet we talk about the books we have read so far and why we like them, this helps us come to an conclusion about the book we all favor.

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Judge London: Caroline Fielding

I started my library career as a volunteer during the summer of 2004 and have been working with children and young people ever since (so 13 years). I got a library assistant job in the same library at the end of that summer and enjoyed being in public libraries for the next few years, achieving my MA in Librarianship at UCL in 2007 while working, until I decided to make the move to a school library in 2009.  I had my daughter in 2015 and currently, after a year’s maternity leave, am working part time as Librarian in a Special School.  I’ve been on the CILIP YLG London committee for 6 years.  I find it funny that I spent my teenage years reading grown up books but, having been working in children’s libraries most of my adult life, I basically only read from children’s lists!